The world of education is ever-changing. More than ever, traditional notions in the educational field are constantly challenged and re-imagined. In many cases, physical classrooms have been replaced by long-distance networked communication. However, even in situations where schooling is performed in traditional classrooms, traditional teaching methods are being supplemented by innovative media- and technology-based approaches.

Unireach Media is at the forefront of these initiatives. The subject of education is particularly dear to us, and we are constantly participating in pioneering educational projects that reinvent the very notions of teaching, schooling, training and tutoring within the context of the modern age. Whether we're supplying narration for an interactive teaching module, dubbing existing educational videos into multiple languages, handling audio post-production for groundbreaking documentaries, or developing an interactive educational website, you can always count on us to step up to the challenge. The quality of our services in this field is second to none.

As you can see in the menu above, we've divided our services in the field of education into three different categories: Documentaries, Educational Material and Presentations. Please refer to those categories for additional informational. For any general questions about our media production services in the educational field, simply send us an email to

In addition, we are very amenable to helping charitable groups and organizations to share their educational and informative messages with the world, either pro bono or at a highly discounted rate (at cost price). If you represent such a group or organization, feel free to contact us at to discuss this with us further. We always aim to live by the slogan that "your cause is our cause".