Our Story

Unireach Media was born out of a strong need in the industry. Now that the entire world is available to anyone via the internet, it is important for businesses and other organizations to expand their reach from their current territory into other markets in order to make an impact on the world faster than ever previously imagined.

Unireach media was created with one goal in mind: Making it possible for any company, project, or brand to expand its reach as far as they can dream, by providing them with a unified one-stop outlet for all their media needs.

Whether that means taking a feature film or commercial and translating and dubbing it into new languages for foreign distribution, creating a multi-platform website that seamlessly welcomes every culture on earth as if it were made specifically for them, or developing new content in any form, our industry experts are ready to face any challenge. We pride ourselves at always preserving the integrity of the company, brand, and project exactly as intended by the client.

Unireach Media is headquartered in Hollywood, CA and was founded by two leaders in their respective industries: Selene Morrow and Ben Bledsoe.

Selene Morrow is an attorney with a strong academic background. Her experience includes over a decade of teaching, lecturing and writing on topics related to the fields of law, information technology and media (including PhD-research). She is also the co-founder of one of the most successful translation companies in the US, servicing Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike. With certified translators for every language in the world, the bar was raised to a quality previously unmatched in the industry and the company quickly found its place at the top of its field.

Ben Bledsoe has been in the entertainment industry for 20 years. Having sold millions of records worldwide and appeared in top rated television shows, he has a firm grip on how the front end of the industry works. He is also a successful writer and producer in the worlds of music and film/TV, which makes him equally savvy in the production side of the industry. From his love of audio and acting came a strong career in the voice-over industry, both behind the mic as characters in film, commercial, and television, as well as behind the glass as the producer, engineer, sound designer, and editor.