With our main offices in Hollywood, California, Unireach Media works heavily in the entertainment industry. Whether it involves translating and dubbing projects into new languages or creating a multi-national campaign for a company from the ground up, Unireach Media always takes a professional yet creative approach to its projects.

The founders of Unireach Media first met while collaborating on an innovative video game project. The project went so well that they quickly noticed how much the marriage of translation and media production industries could again change the game in the industry. Unireach Media has since grown to encompass a great number of highly talented and experienced professionals and continues to raise the standards in the industry.

With TV, Movies, and Trailers, we are able to take a finished product and expand its reach to new territories around the world simply by using our legal document certified translators, our access to the top actors and voice actors that Hollywood has to offer, and our award winning engineers to create seamless dubs of the highest quality.

Animation is near and dear to our hearts. Who doesn't love it? And since it's such a widely recognized and loved format all around the world, it is a huge industry for translation and dubbing. We always keep the integrity and intent of the original project in every way possible. Whether it's the style of humor, the character's specific voice nuances, or the pacing and unique editing, Unireach Media always delivers the absolute best quality with respect to each individual project.

Audio books are quickly becoming a large part of book publishing. With the ease of portable music devices, you can now listen to your favorite author's newest book while driving on a long trip or while relaxing in the sun. This has made audio books a huge undertaking by publishers over the past several years. Unireach Media is able to add a unique approach to this. We can cast and record narrators in any language for a book's initial release, as well as offer more services like multiple characters and audio production value. And since we are anchored in translation, we also can translate any novel or story into any amount of foreign languages for physical and audio release.

Motion comics are a new wave of media that is shaping into a substantial industry amongst comic enthusiasts and animation fans alike. Unireach Media is at the forefront of this industry and will continue to shape it in new and unique ways.

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