Audio Books/Radio Dramas

Audiobooks are rapidly becoming a major cornerstone in the book publishing industry. In a world of fast paced business and "on the go" workplaces, audiobooks are making it easier for people to enjoy their favorite author's new book while driving on a long road trip or while cooking dinner. The advent of mp3 players make it easy to listen anywhere at any time.

This is where Unireach Media steps in. If you are an author or publisher in need of top talent to record your book, look no further. Our roster of audiobook voice talent can be heard on books by every major publisher on the planet. And if you are like many publishers and want to add a little added oomph to your recordings, our staff of producers and audio engineers will take your audiobooks to a whole new level with custom music, sound effects, and ambience.

While we don't pretend to be the authors of the fantastic audiobooks that we produce, we do offer translation services and top recording services for them. Whether you are looking to record the book in its original language or have it translated into 30 languages for international release, Unireach Media is the perfect choice. Our staff of certified translators will make sure that the original intent of the writer is translated flawlessly. We are certified to translate legal and medical documents, so you can rest assured that the original intent will shine through beautifully. Audiobooks are getting more and more creative as the industry progresses.

At Unireach Media, we can spice up your audiobooks by adding custom music, sound effects, and ambiance to the narrative, making it a fully immersed atmosphere for the story. We can cast multiple characters, create custom music to add as a theme throughout the story, and make the overall experience of the audiobook more cinematic if the author or publisher wants. It's a brave new world, and Unireach Media is here to go the distance no matter what your vision is. Audiobooks are getting pretty savvy, and sometimes that means having custom music involved in the production of the audiobook. We have award winning producers and engineers that can create the perfect audio palate for any genre of audiobook. Whether you have a series of children's books or a horror trilogy, we can create the perfect soundtrack to emphasize the words being spoken. It's a brave new world of audiobooks, and Unireach Media is at the forefront of the revolution.

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