Computer Games

Video games are taking over. And since they are actively getting more and more interactive, the games are requiring more and more talented people to voice the characters and narration. Enter Unireach Media. We have access to the world's best video game voices. Several of which you have definitely heard before. So whether you are creating a game from the beginning or looking to expand the game into new markets by re-recording the characters in other languages, we can cast and provide you with finished audio in any format you require.

Creating an action game and want to make sure that the sounds are massive and "in your face?". Or are you creating a throwback video game with simple audio and a fun tone? We can create a custom palette of sound for your video game that will make it stand out among the crowd and add the appropriate tone for your target market. It's all about the buyer, and we know how to make your video game sound like the best in the industry.

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