With our main branch in Hollywood, CA., Unireach Media has access to the world's top character and animation Voice talent and animators. From concept to creation, we can provide your company with custom animation, music, sound design, voices, and direct upload services to your site. For any project of any size. Nothing translates smoother than animation. It's visual basis creates a strong platform to dub into new languages, and since there is such a large market for animation on the worldwide marketplace, it is a quick turn-around for distribution.

At Unireach Media, we take animated projects from any language and combine our certified translators with top voice talent from our Hollywood branch for most languages, or use our talent pools from our international partners for dubbing projects that need specific territorial dialects for certain foreign regions. Our vast pool of voice talent are the best in the industry, and due to our reputation in the industry, we are able to bring them in for projects of all sizes.

Email us at for demos, additional information or to get your project underway.